7 Days til Opening Day!!


1. All derby participants MUST use eTournament Fishing

2.eTournament can be found in your App Store or we have a link to download the app on our website.

3. Verify rules as they have been updated on 3/17/24- changes marked in red.


4. eTournament codes were sent to registered participants last night through email. We will be sending codes every night to participants who buy their tickets starting today 3/23/24 and on.

5. Check your email (may be in spam) and use code to login. If you did not receive code, reach out to us through either text or email.

6. For weigh in, you MUST have your derby ticket (with QR code) that was sent to you after ticket purchase. If you don’t have it, reach out to us via text or email.

7. Also, stay tuned for a huge announcement tomorrow night, 3/24/24! 🎁