There is a small percentage of people that have devices that are not compatible with the eTournament app. The Ultimate Walleye Derby is offering the following options:

Option A: Buddy System

Send a picture or screen shot showing the incompatible device message. Include in the email your name, DOB and phone number.

• Going forward, the participant will need to fish with other participants that have a device that is registered with eTournament.

o When you go out fishing, text the derby at 586-221-0656 your name and the buddy(s) that you are fishing with.

• When a picture of the fish is taken, the picture must include the person who caught the fish or a picture ID visible in the picture of the fish.

• You no longer can fish alone unless you buy a compatible device

Option B: Upgrade your device

• Buy a device (phone or tablet) that is compatible with eTournament. Android 12 or Apple 10 (minimum)

• See for device requirements.

Option C: Refund

• Request a refund in writing by Saturday 3/30/24 11:59pm. Send an email to, include your name, DOB, and phone number. Refunds will be issued within 10 business days.

• You MUST Include in the email a picture or screen shot showing the incompatible device.